Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wind, Kitter, Candles

The wind's been blowing all day, making the trees sing, reminding me nature is in charge.  It's also been warm - high 50˚s F in mid-October.

A brief announcement in the paper today said

The classroom was packed.  30 or 40 people I'd guess.  The only seats left were in the front row with the screen right above me. 

I enjoyed the presentation immensely.  He's making money as a high school senior and wedding photographer, but his photos aren't your run-of-the-mill studio shots.  He seems to get the kids into their element and then shoots beautiful stuff.  He didn't actually talk about this side of things, but I looked on his website and I invite you to as well.  Don't you wish your senior picture really captured your beautiful essence?  Check here at

At the museum he talked about his creative photography and his team that go out and do shoots based on some theme they come up with.  This is almost like guys going out and making a movie, but he's only taking a relatively few shots.  There's part of one on the screen above and another peeking over the far right edge.  But, again, check the website (Galleries - Creativity) to get a sense of his style and great lighting. 

In a sense he seems to do with photos what I'm sort of doing on the blog.  Finding an idea and then seeing what he can do with it.

As I turned down our street on the way home everything was dark.  The power outage was confirmed when I used the automatic garage door opener.  But J had candles going and the light was great.

As you can tell by this post being up, the power came back on after a couple of hours. 

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