Saturday, October 05, 2013

Looks Like the Anchorage International Film Festival Isn't Going To Meet October 5 Deadline [UPDATED]

[UPDATE 9:40pm:  The Festival website has been updated.  Dean got my email and it now says:

We made a typo on the filmmaker FAQ page – official selections will be announced October 15th. Please forgive us and don’t panic if you didn’t get a notice from our programming team today because nobody did since the programming teams are still finalizing their selections."]

From the Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) film maker FAQ page:

How will I be notified if my film is selected?

We’ll notify you that your submission media has arrived within a week of its arrival at the festival office. We’ll list all selected films on our website by October 5th. If you do not receive an “Official Selection” notice, or if your film is not listed on the AIFF website, please understand that this means your film was not chosen for the festival. However, we contact all filmmakers prior to the festival start with thanks for supporting the AIFF and the art of independent film. Please contact us if you are the rare filmmaker who didn’t receive an email from us. We take pride in good communications.

When I saw that date, it seemed a little early.  Perhaps not for notifying the film makers - they need plenty of lead time if they are going to travel to Anchorage in December - but for getting the list up on the website.

And the list isn't up and it's 7:00 pm in Anchorage.  

Last year I posted that the list was up on October 19, 2012 and that festival started a week earlier than this year.  I suspect that someone was being a little optimistic when they put up the October 5 date.

So, if you submitted a film, don't worry yet.  Nothing seems to be up.  It's not on some page you can't find. 

 I do have a call and email into the guy who does the website.  He's very professional and fanatic about getting all the details just right.  I'll let folks know what's happening if I find out. 

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