Wednesday, October 09, 2013

LA - Parting Shots - Swamp to Golf, Eggplants, Car Door Art; and the Beach

Headed back to Anchorage today (Wednesday).  Got some things done around the house - most significantly got the electric panel for the house updated;  went through her mail;  paid bills; and filed what needed to be kept.  And we spent some good time together.  I'm getting more patient and trying to imagine what the world is like from her perspective.  I ask her and she tries to tell me.  Sometimes she completely there and on top of things, other times she drifts off. 

Here are a few pictures I didn't get to post yet of LA.

Penmar Golf course on my bike route to the beach.  As a kid I played in the swampy, hilly wasteland that was here before the public golf course was put in.

[UPDATE Oct. 25, 2014:  The editor of GolfCalifornia asked if they could use this picture on a piece about Penmar (and The Lakes of El Segundo) golf courses.  You can learn a lot more about the golf course itself there.]

Some of the eggplants available at the Saturday Market at Virginia Park in Santa Monica.

The good thing about cell phones is that when you have a long conversation, you don't have to just sit there.  You can go for a walk.  So I was in the middle of a heavy conversation as I approached this house.  My head was mostly in the phone, but my eyes were trying to figure out how this car was parked here in front of this house.  It was only when I got close that I realized this was not simply a car door, it was a "piece of art."

I biked down to the beach one last time this afternoon.  (My heel's been giving me problems so I'm biking instead of running.)  I went north instead of my usual south until I got to the Santa Monica pier.

And my parting shot of Venice Beach at Rose. 


  1. I hope that you can heal your heel. ;^)

  2. I only do that so you'll leave a comment :)

  3. I remember Penmar Swamp, all my friends hung out there from age 8 to12, until they made it into a golf course. It was cool to ride our bikes through the small hills and rough terrain. There was a small stream with frogs and there were many birds.

  4. Anon, maybe we saw each other. I remember the frogs too.


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