Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jury Duty Day 2 And More Feedburner Complaints

As I said at the end of the last post, I didn't have to go in today and it was a beautiful day.  Worked at home most of the time.  Called in today and they don't need any jurists tomorrow.

I'm still a lot frustrated by feedburner not pinging other blogs in a timely way.  Here's an example of what I mean.  This is the Blog List from  Off and On The Alaskan Parkinson Blog 
I posted that at about 6pm yesterday and it only got to other blogs around noon today. [UPDATE 11:30pm Actually, I put that post up twice to see if the second one might be picked up when the first one wasn't.  I didn't check which one the links went to.  I would guess the second one would have been picked up and so the first one - had it been a different post altogether - never would have made it to the other blogs for their readers to link from.]   For a lot of posts, it probably doesn't matter, but if I'm posting something timely, it does.  Or if I post several posts in a day, they may not all get up.  I'm trying different things, and there are some instructions from feedburner about the code I could fix.  If I understood the html code well enough to be sure I wouldn't make things worse.

And then sometimes it works right away.  Grrrrrrr. [UPDATE 9pm:  This one seems to have gotten up pretty quickly.  The first person I can see through Sitemeter getting to this post from another blog was about 45 minutes after it was posted.  So it worked fine this time.  What about next time?  I'll start keeping track on the posts until it either goes away on its own or I figure out how to fix it.]

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