Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Raking Leaves for Mulching Reveals The Moss

With all this back and forth, I find myself waking up and wondering where I am.  When we get to my mom's or back home or to our granddaughter's, we have to readjust to a new setting, new routine, new organization and time schedule.  And gardening.  Oh dear.  Can't plant seeds.  Too much to ask a house sitter.

But today in the sunshine I raked the leaves and mulched the flower beds.  It felt good. 

As I pulled leaves to one side, the bright green moss below was revealed.  I'm all for letting nature do most of the work, and she comes through with the moss every time.

Such amazing stuff, the moss.  Some of my neighbors are not as excited about our natural look, but I'm always able to find justification for my inclinations.  From Garden Trappings:

"Years ago moss was viewed as an interloper on the lawn and great pains were taken to eradicate it.  Now, ever so slowly, moss is creeping into garden landscapes and in some gardens has become the surprise star of the show.  This fragile, sun-shy species believed to be one of the first forms of plant life on earth has delighted Japanese gardeners for centuries.  Moss gardens are edging into western landscapes as gardeners finally pay respect to its serene beauty and its utilitarian benefits of drought resistance and low maintenance.  Moss is a great substitute for the thirsty grass lawn."

Benefits of Moss
    • Drought Tolerant/Uses less Water than Grass
    • Low Maintenance/Never needs Mowing
    • Hypo Allergenic
    • Stays Green Throughout the Year
    • Adds Beauty, Charm & Serenity
    • Repels Weeds
    • Prevents Soil Erosion"

What more could one ask for?  Unfortunately the moss is mainly on the north side of the house, only about as far as the house blocks the sun in the summer.  From that point on, natural means dandelions and clover.  I'm working on justifications for that too.  Clover's good for the soil and dandelions are such a beautiful yellow.  And they're edible.

And as long as we have to yoyo up and down the West Coast, the garden is going to have to mostly look after itself. 

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  1. Except for dandelions-an invasive species, I love everything about our "moss lawn" including the multitude of little mushroom types I've never seen before and especially the fact it is a "no mow" lawn.


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