Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wheel Good Food And Pretty Good Weather

I did a post that mentioned food trucks when I was in LA and so when I passed this shiny clean truck yesterday, I figured I needed to document that Anchorage is hip too, even if we only have one truck in a location.

You could read the sign in Photoshop, but even if you click the picture you need wheel good eyes to read the menu.  You can see the menus better at the Wheel Good Food website.

The website also gives us some background about this truck (it says there are two trucks actually):
"Wheel Good Food is the brainchild of UAA Culinary Arts School graduate and chef, Kathy Robinson and her husband Richard Geiger.  Providing delicious, gourmet food in their home town, Anchorage, Alaska has long been a goal for this dynamic couple.  With the purchase of their state-of-the-art mobile food truck, Bombolina, named after Kathy’s signature menu item, that goal has become a reality."

I know that the Culinary Institute at UAA serves great food and teaches its students all aspects of from cooking to serving to running a business.  I should have ordered something.  Maybe next Friday when they'll be back at Lake Otis and 40th.

This is Jamey the chef.  

I also noticed yesterday that the geese are still in town.  Here's part of a flock at Waldron Lake.

And some others today at UAA. 

The edges of the clouds hinted that the sun was out there somewhere as I rode over to UAA this morning, though the blue to grey ratio was low. 

During our meeting this rainbow showed up hinting of rain somewhere, but all around there was more blue and less cloud. 

UPDATE October 21, 2013:  Here's the photo that Ropi linked to in the comment of his favorite item at the food truck at his University in Budapest.  Looks really good.


  1. Next to my university there is a food truck as well, it is like a bakery. My favourite is called "ökörszem", it looks like this but it has jam on the top:
    However it is a smaller car, so when the supply is over, the business is over for that day.

  2. MMMMMM, Ropi, maybe they can park in Anchorage once a week. I guarantee they would sell out and could charge 4 times or more than what they charge in Budapest. Suggest it to them!


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