Friday, October 25, 2013

Alaska Redistricting Board Meeting Friday - They Go Into Excecutive Session

I'm on the phone line - 1-855-463-5009 - waiting for the meeting to begin.
The AKL-TV says no live streams scheduled for 48 hours.

The Board members are talking to each other about the weather in Fairbanks now.  Marie Green is talking about the AFN conference.

Mike White doesn't sound real good.  It's hard to understand him. (He had surgery in his mouth recently.)

They're waiting for Bob Brodie. . .

11:03 -  still talking about the weather, no snow yet in Fairbanks, it was raining in Kotzebue when Marie left.  They're waiting for Bob Brodie.  No mention of Peggyann McConnochie.

Torgerson asked about AFN turnout.  Marie said not as many as when in Anchorage.  Costs of getting to Fairbanks more. 

Sounds like they have:

Chair John Torgerson, Jim Holm, Marie Green.

There's Bob Brodie.  Peggyann McConnochie won't join them.

Starting rollcall:
Torgerson, Brodie, Green, Holm there, McConnochie absent.  Michael White is also there.

Motion to approve agenda seconded. Approved. 4-0.
Going to Executive Session to discuss litigation issues.  Approved 4-0.
11:10 - they are disconnecting and calling to another teleconference number.  They are gone.  And it looks like the AKL-TV never was activated. 

There was no mention of how long it would be  - well, when they were chatting before the meeting they said it probably would be a short meeting.  So I don't know if we'll stay connected or they'll end this call and we have to guess when to call back. 

11:13 - so far it seems I'm still connected.

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