Friday, October 11, 2013

UPDATE: Campbell Creek Bike Trail Under Seward Highway Almost Done

I checked on the Campbell Creek bike trail under the Seward Highway project last night (Thursday, Oct. 10).  My last post on this was Sept. 10.   On Sept. 6 I posted pictures of the unpaved trail and what it looked like in the past when you had to carry your bike under the low bridges. 

It's now paved and almost done.  This morning I called the project engineer Chong Kim who said he's hoping it will be done next week.  In this first photo - from the west side - you can see the fence like structure.  It's designed to deflect snow coming from a snow plow on the road above and keeping it off the trail and off people walking or riding on the trail.  Kim said five more are supposed to go up and they are the last major parts that need to be done. 

This shot is from the east looking west.  There are four new bridges - the east access road, which you see here; the north bound Seward Highway;  south bound Seward Highway; and the west access road. 

The reason you can't really use this part of the path yet is this fence on the bridge on the west side. Once the other

Looking at this fence, turn 180˚ and you see the picture below.

This is looking at the path and bridge from the west. 

Above I'm looking east from under one of the bridges.

Looking up I saw what I thought were lights, but they were strange looking and I couldn't see them quite as clearly as I can now looking at the photo. 

I asked Kim about them.  They are LED lights which use much less energy than regular lights would.  But they're pretty expensive and he expressed concern about vandalism or theft.  I asked if I should post about this.  He said yes and to let cyclists know that if they see anyone tampering with the lights to call the police (and maybe take a picture as well.)  I guess he figured not too many LED thieves read this blog, but cyclists might. 

Taking the trail further east - toward Lake Otis - I took this shot of the leaf carpeted trail.

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