Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ron Mueck Hyperreal Sculpture - Images To Stretch Your Mind

image from web designer depot
Ron Mueck makes these incredible sculptures.  They play with out senses -how can they be so realistic and not real?  Or realistic yet so big?  They force us to think about things we see so often that we take them for granted.  We're given permission to stare.  And wonder what it means to be human. 

Here's a site with a bunch of photos of Mueck and other hyperreal sculptors.  I'd don't like using other people's photos, so I'm just using a couple in hopes you'll check out the other sites. 

Website with about ten hyperrealist artists.


This site has an interview and lots of pictures to show how Mueck makes these sculptures.


And here's Jamie Salmon, another hyperreal sculptor talking about how he made the Sumi Wrestler.

Have fun


  1. Saw this Mueck show in Ottawa -- up close and personal doesn't begin to describe it. It was the hairs on the legs, arms, head, etc. that got to me. Don't miss seeing it, people. It will blow your mind -- and I have never used that stupid phrase before this. Voyeurism has a whole new meaning... they are "only" sculptuares and still one feels uncomfortable looking SO closely at them.

    1. Barbara, I'm jealous. I think seeing these sculptures in person would be amazing.


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