Thursday, January 05, 2012

Websites As Art And 3 Other Specialized Artish Blogs

 Can you sell a website as a piece of art?  See Newrafael below.  How about interactive websites?  Newrafael again and myoats allow you to participate in what's on the screen.  The other two are specialized blogs one focusing on tentatcles, the other on beauty and decay. 

From Tentacle Spectacle Dec. 29,2011

Tentacle Spectacle There's a new picture posted each day.  The subtitle is:
"If it involves tentacles in art or nature, it's here."
And each picture, sometimes three a day, has tentacles.

 - this is a site where you can make your own geometric designs. Some of the 'favorites' are very representational and I'm not sure how they did them. A couple, you can see are mirror imaged. The one above I did after trying out a few times and watching the tutorial videos.  Go in and try some yourself.

These are screenshots of 5 dynamic, interactive pieces at newrafael
RR(newrafael)   This site sells digital art pieces and the medium is whole websites if I understand it right.  The pieces are in motion.  Here's a sampler of a few of about 40 pieces, and of course, the sampler has no motion or sound (I'm listening to lapping waves of one piece as I write this.) There's a discussion of digital art on the internet vs. more traditional media.  There's even a contract for purchasing an art object website - here is part of it:

Obligations Collector: The Collector shall:
  • renew the domain, being part of the Artwork, always in time in order to have the Artwork accessible;
  • as long as it is technically feasible, keep the website, being part of the Artwork, on-line and accessible to the public;
  • always show the Artwork on the latest and most appropriate technologies;
  • ask Artist through written consent if the Artwork is to be exhibited in commercial spaces, being any space other than public and art spaces;
  • ask Artist through written consent if the Artwork is to be reproduced for purposes other than catalogues and art magazines, such as reproductions for advertisements, movies, photo’s, merchandising etc.; and
  • not use the Artwork for the promotion of any services or products of any kind.
If you go to the artwork sites (this is really a collection of websites) be sure to look at all the links along the top of the page.  And play with your mouse.  Some are definitely interactive, others I wasn't sure about.

Beautiful/Decay  - This one is hard to pin down, but I'd say that beauty and decay can be found in most of the posts.  It's connected to a publication described on the website:

From Beatiful/Decay
Beautiful/Decay began as a humble, black and white, DIY photocopied ‘zine while founder Amir H. Fallah was just 16. Over time, the publication grew into a full color, internationally distributed magazine. Today, Beautiful/Decay takes the form of a limited edition, hand numbered, advertising free art book series. Though Beautiful/Decay has grown into an internationally recognized design-driven lifestyle brand, the publication still carries that same youthful sense of rebellion and experimentation that influenced the very first issues.
The post that caught my attention was on the best of street art.   Perhaps street art, including graffiti, is one of the original 'occupy' movements. 


  1. how interesting to see your posting today.
    i visited the santa barbara museum of art yesterday and in conjunction with a current exhibit on picasso and braque, the curator has created an ipad application that a visitor may utilize while viewing the exhibit.
    an ipad owner can also download the application gratis and revisit the experience.

  2. fawnskin, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. They also had iPads at the Detroit Institute of Art Diego Rivera murals that you could rent and they'd walk you through the exhibit. That was last April. Clearly art is now digital, even non-digital art. So, are you ready to buy a website from an artist?


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