Thursday, January 26, 2012

Calder's Eagle and Friends at Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park

Monday afternoon (when there was a day of sunshine) at Seattle's Olympic Sculpture  Park

Tony Smith - Stinger
From ArchDaily:

Teresita Fernández - Seattle Cloud Cover
"As a “landscape for art”, the Olympic Sculpture Park defines a new experience for modern and contemporary art outside the museum walls. The topographically varied park provides diverse settings for sculpture of multiple scales. Deliberately open-ended, the design invites new interpretations of art and environmental engagement, reconnecting the fractured relationships of art, landscape, and urban, and urban life."

The Trust For Public Land writes:
di Suvero - Bunyan's Chess

"In 1998, TPL, in partnership with the Seattle Art Museum (SAM), stepped in to purchase the last undeveloped piece of downtown Seattle, a 7.3-acre former oil tank farm zoned for development as hotels and condominiums. TPL and SAM proposed a very different plan: redeveloping the site as a park that would showcase great art and outdoor conservation, and effectively double the amount of open space in Belltown, the city's densest and fastest-growing neighborhood."

Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen's Typewriter Ribbon, Scale X

 Yes, the beach is part of the sculpture park. 

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  1. Your picture of the eagle reminds me of Calder's sculpture on the bank of the Weser river in Bremen, Germany. It has the same colors, but all part are moving in the breeze, wind, storm...
    an ever changing "mobile".


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