Friday, January 27, 2012

Not Quite Poetry at the Beach - And Some Redistricting Notes

 I ran down to the beach and got my feet wet. 

Then I decided to check out a bit of the Venice Boardwalk. 

Last year I ran into poet Jeffery Martin here, but now there were hula hoops.  I knew he wouldn't be here - he should be back teaching. 

But a little further down I found poetry of a sort for sale. 

Then I ran back to my mom's to have breakfast.  Felt really slow today, despite having run in Portland and Seattle.  Oh well, I've got some time to get back into shape down here. 

I promise to put up more than fluff photos soon.  I'm trying to get Part 3 of the Redistricting Overview posts up soon.  But it's complicated and I'm trying to get it more useful, but I'd like to get it up before the judge's decision comes out.  The Redistricting Board sent an email Jan. 24 to people who signed up for email alerts saying that it could meet anytime starting Jan 31 to respond to the court decision, depending on when it came out.  The meeting will be streamed but they say the meeting
"may involve periodic recesses to a time certain. Discussion of legal matters may require executive session."
Since they'll be meeting to talk about their response to whatever the Judge McConahy rules, I suspect there won't be too much on the record, except to announce what they decide in executive session.  

I don't see anything on their website or FB page on this though.  The email does say:
This meeting will be streamed at In the event you can't listen on internet you may call 1-855-463-5009. This is a listen only meeting.  Testimony will not be taken. 
I have to say again that making the trial in Fairbanks accessible via phone  was a big deal that I, for one, appreciated.  I don't know how many, if any, Alaska trials have been open to the public this way.  Judge McConahy probably had to approve that, so he gets a thank you as well as the Board. 

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