Sunday, January 29, 2012

Driving and Parking LA/Santa Monica

We went to a 90th birthday party this morning in the Valley.  That required a trip over the San Diego Freeway (the freeways were called by their names, not numbers, when we moved north 34 years ago.)

I took the above two pictures 5 minutes apart.  There's a slight difference between the two shots only because I zoomed the camera slightly differently from one photo to the other.  But we just sat there without moving.  Once it started moving, we got to a point where one of the five lanes was blocked for 50 feet and there was a construction vehicle and a police car.  After that point, traffic flowed easily.  

On the way back we could see a police car blocking all five lanes North at the same spot.
While there is a lot on line about this project (the one that closed the freeway totally last July), I couldn't find anything explaining what happened today.  There were closures the night of January 25, 2012, but I can't find anything about today.

Then J went to Santa Monica Place to meet four friends she'd gone to kindergarten through high school with.  Only one lives in LA and the others were in from as far away as Italy.  I dropped her off and then looked for a parking place.  All the parking lots were full and there was nothing available on the streets nearby.  Half hour later I find a spot about 3/4 of a mile away, parked, and hiked back to the Santa Monica Place. 

On the way out, we did get a couple of reminders that of Alaska where traffic is a little easier. 


  1. there is a high probability that i was looking down at you from that bridge above the 405...or that we passed on the parks highway when i was there.
    you just never know when two souls pass might pass in the night...or the bright middle of the day.

    1. fawnskin, You didn't see me wave? The 'parks highway' has a very different meaning to me. It's named after George Parks and goes from about Wasilla to Fairbanks. We generally only take it as far as Denali National Park.

    2. oh, was that you? i have so many alaskan buddies navigating the la freeways i often just take for granted the salutations coming my way.
      but i did see the wave...just didn't glimpse the face.

      as for the parks...i have only had the dubious pleasure of travelling from anchorage to wasilla.


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