Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Redistricting Court Challenge: Plaintiff's Rambling Closing Statement

At one point in this trial, the plaintiff's attorney said he was not very articulate.  He's right.  His closing argument wandered all over the place.  He covered a number of valid points but also seemed to throw in a lot of irrelevant material.  I'd almost call his comments on using race as a proxy for politics a rant.  There are valid issues in there, but he had a really hard time honing in on them.  Will the judge be put off by the all the unnecessary and even off point material, or will he just ignore that and focus on what was on point?   They are getting back at 11:30 so I don't have much more to say now.  I'll try to pull out the key points of both closing arguments later. 

You can call in and listen to the Board's closing argument - it starts at 11:30.

Conference Number:  866-231-8327 (Limited to the first 150 participants) 
Conference Code:  9074529311#

I am so glad this is almost over.  

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