Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Redistricting Trial is Over

The Board's attorney Michael White has completed his closing argument, there were complimentary words by the judge at the end for all involved, discussion of housekeeping items, which I only partially grasped, and it's over. 

White's closing seemed more efficient than Walleri's in terms of content per word.  There was a bit of cliche court room hyperbole ("not a shred of evidence" is one example) but overall, it was more fact based, and more focused on a list of specific points.  I wasn't sure about much of his argument - I simply don't know enough to judge.  Right now I'm too fried, not to mention behind on other things I have to do, to write more on this now.

The judge did say he would like to get the decision out by the first Monday in February.  Mr. White requested a Friday because of the expedited time line and the Board's need to give 48 hours notice of a meeting.  The first Monday is Feb. 7, the first Friday is the 4th.  He also said there is no time for motions of reconsideration and made mentions of appeals and the Supreme Court. 

I have absolutely no idea how the judge is likely to rule.  I need to go through the two closing arguments again and try to make sense of them.  But even then, there are too many issues of law that I don't know or understand to be able to figure out how the judge might rule. 

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