Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good to Run, Even if Wet

We're staying in NW Portland, not far from our apartment when I spent six months here on sabbatical.  We're not in the section I ran most often. Today I got to go run.  It's all familiar, but the details of which roads dead end into paths into the park are fuzzy. 

It turned out to be uphill most of the time (coming back was much faster) and I knew there was a trail somewhere through the wooded park.  This on the left is that trail, but going the wrong direction.  I just couldn't find the trail connection on the other side of the road. 

 So I turned around and went back pretty much the same way I came, varying the streets a little.  I haven't run for about three weeks, but shoveling snow has kept me reasonably fit, but it just doesn't compare. 

On the right is a runner/biker by-pass for a tunnel.  

I think we're headed for the Japanese Garden later.  It was one of our favorite nearby destinations.  I used to run by or through it regularly.  It's beautiful rain or shine. 

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  1. Portland is getting several TV shows filmed there - your photos remind me of scenes in the show Grimm.


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