Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year on a Sunny and Cold New Year's Day

A little photoshop to start the new year.  Clockwise from upper left:  original; cutout filter; colored pencil filter; and I'm not sure how the last one came about. 

Here's the view from our living room window.

And out back.

And the kitchen indoor/outdoor thermometer
showing a chilly -4˚F (-20˚ C) outside.


  1. We're at minus 21 F in Wasilla right now. Stay warm!

  2. Well, I got a new photo camera just after Christmas because my old one soaked in Germany. I will test in in Prague in the end of this January. I am not so professional so usually I use "automatic" settings.

  3. Ropi, what camera did you get? Looking forward to see your Prague photos When are you going back to Spain to test your Spanish. You can visit Tomás.

    Thanks Tomás. Same to you and your family.

  4. It is a Canon PowerShot A1200.

    Well, it may be my last travel for a while as I am planning to save some money. We have new Education Laws which restricts application. In 2013 when I plan to apply for masters programme the places on economy courses will be cut by 60% compared to the recent situation. I also plan to apply for a rare course (ca. 50 students accepted nationwide) so I hope in case of this course it will be less strict because it would be quite hopeless to be in the top 20. The reason I start to accumulate money is because there will be 3 choices (tuition free places, 50% discount tuition, and paid places). Now I don't need to pay tuition and I get some scholarship because of my academic result but any kind of tuition is a burden on my family so I need to plan in advanced. A lot of people say I am sceptic but an economic analyst must have a plan for all scenarios.

  5. Ropi, I love my Canon Powershot - mine is a SD790 IS. There are so many different kinds I can't keep track.

    Good luck on financing your graduate education. Have you ever put your tour guide skills into practice? One advantage of guiding is that foreign toursits often give guides tips if they like them.


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