Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching the Sunset at the Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier had a very different feel from out last visit in October 2009. 

We shared the pier with a lot of people yesterday afternoon following  J's mini reuntion with old friends.   Lots of people here, lots of music.  It was a warm January Sunday afternoon and close to sunset time.

Artists draw visitor portraits all over the world.  Tomás, did you ever do portraits like this?   It might be fun for a Sunday fair once.

There's a big display that touts the pier as the end of the famous Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica.  Wikipedia says it ended where Santa Monica Blvd. hits the ocean is short ways north of the pier.

You can listen to Nat King Cole play and sing Route 66 here.

Here's the pier when it opened in 1909.  Can you believe LA only had 102,000 people one hundred years ago?
The video has clips of some of the music and sounds of the pier.  I tried to check names from artists' vendor permits, but I could only find Kent Axell online.


 Listening to live music as the sun sets over the Pacific.

While others are still enjoying the chilly water.

The sun was down as we set out to find the car parked way off near Pico and Lincoln.   I didn't notice any yachts, by the way.  I did see some folks fishing.

This (Monday) afternoon, there's been a definite weather shift and the dry desert wind is gone and the crisp damper ocean breeze has replaced it at my mom's place.  Smells good. 


  1. Nice photos. Here it is around -10°C. I edited my blog address

  2. Ha, ha... I thought about it when I was in New York, 6 years ago. I think it was in 42th St. There was some caricatures drawers and and I thought of my publicity sign: "Caricatures in only one minute 50$. Your time is money"...
    I feel too embarrassed to do it...

  3. Ropi, I've changed the link.
    Tomás, I'd pay $50 for a Serrano portrait! The real problem would probably be getting a permit. All the performers on the pier had their green permits conspicuously showing.


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