Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Taxi Change and Transit Go Down, Assembly Picks Up One More Liberal, [UPDATED]

[Updated at midnight with 23:23 election results.  99% of the voter for School Board and the Propositions is in.  Assembly seats all are missing 1 precinct.  I'm guessing that may be absentee ballots and questioned ballots.]

In the Muni wide vote (School Board and Propositions) there are 2 precincts out still.  Here are the results as of 10:45pm.  On this round, I'm only doing the numbers for the close races.

Assembly winners so far look like
Christopher Constant in District 1
Fred Dyson in District 2
Tim Steele in District 3
Felix Rivera in District 4
Pete Petersen in District 5
Suzanne LaFrance is leading in District 6 (South Anchorage).  It's been close, but this last tally with only one precinct out looks like it seals it for LaFrance.

School Board
Don Donley in Seat C
Seat D is too close to call - Holleman is ahead of  Schuster by 80 votes, with two precincts out.

Propositions Passing
1.  ASD
3. Parks
4. Roads/Sewers
5. Fire
6.  APD expansion  is the closest that is likely to win
7.  Park District Expansion

2.  Public Safety and Transit
8.  Taxi ordinance repeal

**Latest (23:23) data

DistrictVotes    Percentage
Assembly District 1  
SWANK, Albert

COX, Chris

CONSTANT, Christopher**131652%


WEST, Warren

Assembly District 2   


DYSON, Fred**279748.84%
WEHMHOFF, Gretchen

Assembly District 3

STEELE, Tim**462261.33%
NEES, David**283037.55%

Assembly District 4




RIVERA, Felix**306346.74%

Assembly District 5

JONES, Don**282142.63%
PETERSEN, Pete**375556.74%

Assembly District 6

FOGLE, Albert**465446.87%
LAFRANCE, Suzanne**521252.49%

Seat VotesPercent
School Board C 


HILDE, Alisha

HOTCH, Tasha

DONLEY, Dave**1507542.96%
JAMISON, Christopher

School Board C

SCHUSTER, Kay**1588944.68%
HOLLEMAN, Andy**1594744.85%
BERKE, Albert**33109.31%

Prop 1 ASD23481   56.62%*17993
Prop 2 Pub Safety
  19170 22228   53.68%*
Prop 3 Parks22217  53.55% *19270
Prop 4 Roads
 23653   57.57%*17431
Prop 5 Fire 22626  54.73% *18716
Prop 6 APD20815    50.39%*20496
Prop 7 Parks
Service Area
 21579   52%  *19539
Prop 8  Taxis1645624052  *   59%

*  winners  99% of the vote is in


  1. Steve, I just read the ADN story and what a result for a city so traumatized by its anti-LGBT past: TWO gay men elected to the Assembly!

    There is a LOT of credit for this that must go to Mayor Berkowitz and his staff. He used the power in elective politics for a group so long disempowered, moving history along. Thank you to Ethan and everyone who struggled so long to achieve this, particularly the two men who stood for Assembly, ran, and won.

    It is wonderful to see even if it may not be seen that way by others -- I'm celebrating it tonight.

    A progressive Assembly and mayor in very challenging times. A lot can and will go wrong, but maybe, just maybe, the tempered middle will hold and Anchorage will become that city it always should have been -- one that sat on the edge of some of the world's most valuable remaining wilderness and acted as if it knew it.

    Progressive values in Alaska have always been linked to the land. I hope Anchorage will now draw people who before had no welcome and call it home.

  2. I tried to respond when you posted this, but it wouldn't. Was going to tell you I was writing a post on this topic. It's already up and I'm just checking to see if I can comment again.


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