Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Anchorage Election Results 6

Trends have continued for last several sets of results.
South Anchorage Assembly still close as is School Board seat C.

I'm starting this one with the numbers from the last post, so you can see the changes from one report to the next.  Slash separates the reported numbers 1111/2222/3333

Putting in percentage points for the leader, or two leaders if it's still close.
Assembly and ASD are 22:13 numbers/  Propositions are 22:45 numbers

DistrictVotes    Percentage
Assembly District 1    9/14precincts
SWANK, Albert63/66/83
COX, Chris240/247/318
CONSTANT, Christopher811/???/106350.72%/50.48%/49.84%
MARTINSON, Mark Alan37/40/53
DUNSMORE, David377/395/517
WEST, Warren54/55/73/
Assembly District 2

BRASSELL, John L253/334/516
DONNELLY, Patrick127179/261
DYSON, Fred956/1377/211749.18%/48.64%/48.93%
WEHMHOFF, Gretchen593/921/1407
Assembly District 3
18/26  precincts  24/26

STEELE, Tim2838/3075/433260.99/61.11%/60,87
NEES, David1755/1892/2702
Assembly District 4
16/25 precincts

ALLEVA, Ron367/414/482
SANDERS, Marcus D458/543/631
SMITH, Don1027/1234/1427
RIVERA, Felix1844/2159/241149.5%/49.19%/48.28
Assembly District 5
18/25 precincts
JONES, Don2096/2350/2419
PETERSEN, Pete2696/3058/315355.95%/56.25/56.25%

Assembly District 6
8/26 precincts
new #s 10/26 precincts 16/26
FOGLE, Albert1405/1988/286647.89%/46.99/47.72%
LAFRANCE, Suzanne1517/2224/310251.70%/52.56%/51.65%

Seat VotesPercent
School Board C 
72/124 precincts 102/124
SMALLWOOD, James   4072/4838/6041
HILDE, Alisha3037/3612/4628
HOTCH, Tasha2225/2666/3294
DONLEY, Dave7400/8873/1154941.43%/41.49%/42.32%
JAMISON, Christopher937/1120/1415

School Board C
    72/124 precincts 102/124

SCHUSTER, Kay7822/9395/1228343.39%/43.57%/44.50%
HOLLEMAN, Andy8169/9788/1239045.31%/45.40%
BERKE, Albert1818/2116/2608

Adding 22.14 changes to this chart, adding 22:45

Prop 1 ASD14419 /18223/23275    * 10635/13881/17849
Prop 2 Pub Safety
12027/14998/19021  12996/17070 /22037 *
Prop 3 Parks13709/17317 /22034*11361/14831/19100
Prop 4 Roads
14557/18388/23445    *10240/13432/17293
Prop 5 Fire13953/17598/22441    *11014/14416/18550
Prop 6 APD12932/16253/20645   *12015/15743/20314
Prop 7 Parks
Service Area
13189/16727/21406   *11625/15107/19363
Prop 8  Taxis10150/12925/1639414397/18557/23862   *

* leading

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