Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Anchorage Election Results 4 9:34 postings

DistrictVotes    Percentage
Assembly District 1   7/14 precincts
SWANK, Albert63
COX, Chris222
CONSTANT, Christopher75952.27%
MARTINSON, Mark Alan28
DUNSMORE, David325
WEST, Warren42
Assembly District 2   
    9/19 precincts

DONNELLY, Patrick127
DYSON, Fred95649.18%
WEHMHOFF, Gretchen593
Assembly District 3 
13/26 precincts

STEELE, Tim214762.23%
NEES, David1259

Assembly District 4 
12/25 precincts

ALLEVA, Ron281
SANDERS, Marcus D333
SMITH, Don770
RIVERA, Felix139949.86%

Assembly District 5 
15/25 precincts

JONES, Don1910
PETERSEN, Pete234654.84%

Assembly District 6 
7/26 precincts

FOGLE, Albert1203
LAFRANCE, Suzanne128251.36%

Seat VotesPercent
School Board C 58/124 precincts

SMALLWOOD, James   3398
HILDE, Alisha2558
HOTCH, Tasha1829
DONLEY, Dave613241.16%
JAMISON, Christopher799

School Board C
  58/124  precincts

HOLLEMAN, Andy683545.55%
BERKE, Albert1473

Prop 1 ASD10,021    * 7376
Prop 2 Pub Safety
8494   8887   *
Prop 3 Parks9595   *7823
Prop 4 Roads
10,220    *7003
Prop 5 Fire9804    *7544
Prop 6 APD9074   *8249
Prop 7 Parks
Service Area
9240   *7994
Prop 8  Taxis701710,019   *

* leading

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