Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Spectacular Views Flying Into Anchorage

Double Click to See the Real Picture

It's been sunny in LA for the almost two weeks I'd been there.  Warm to hot - a few days were in the 90s, even high 80s near the beach.  This morning it was overcast and a little cooler.  But It was a surprise when I got into my seat and looked out the window and saw it was raining.

Here's the overcast LA as we took off over the beaches.  That's Marina del Rey and then Venice Beach above it.  You can compare this to the sun over Venice Beach yesterday.  (Last picture in that post.)

And the clouds filled in most of the trip.

Here it's particularly heavy.

And here there's a break in the clouds.

But as we moved into Alaskan airspace, the clouds began disappear and it was amazing.  To the point where I put my little pocket camera away and pulled out my big new one for some real pictures.  (All of the ones below are significantly and dramatically better if you double click them On here it's like without the 3-D glasses.)

That's a pretty good sized glacier coming out from the right across the front.   You really need to double click these to see the real picture that Blogspot doesn't do justice to.  If you're only going to do one, do the top one.  Trust me!

I'm pretty sure this is Cordova.

Now we're into Prince William Sound.

We came in a bit north of Anchorage - over Eklutna Lake I believe - and then we did some flight seeing over Mat-su before heading into the Anchorage airport.

The mudflats on the Mat-su side of the Inlet with the silhouette of Fire Island.  

This was a non-stop flight out of LA.  Five hours and 45 minutes. 


  1. What a planet is earth! And to see it from "on high" -- we are demi-gods, eh?

    1. Barbara, And people pay to use digiplayers when this magnificence is offered free out the window. Fortunately for me other people prefer aisle seats. And while not every trip offers quite this magnificence, seeing the world from the air gives another way to understand the world we live in. Thanks for your thoughts.

  2. Thanks for giving me my first aerial views of Alaska.....awesome!
    deebee in Hawaii

    1. deebee, you've got some great scenery in Hawaii too. Glad you like our mountains and glaciers. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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