Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mar Vista Sunday Market

We had a request from my mom for Walnut Raisin bread from the Sunday market at Venice and Grand View, near the Mar Vista post office.  Here are some pictures.

Chocolate and Strawberry Crepe

We ate here, at Nana's

Health rules, I guess, mean plastic wrapping


  1. Boy those fruit prices are high, I'm in Eastern Washington, where these are grown and our prices are less than half of what those sell for..Is this in Cali and don't they grow them there too?

  2. Anon in Eastern Washington, I'm always caught between including the prices and the aesthetics of the pictures. I think documenting the prices is useful so people like you can make comparisons.
    Since I'm visiting from Anchorage, it's hard for me to know what is normal. This is a Sunday farmer's market in a not fancy neighborhood, though it is changing. But I think the sellers go the rounds of different markets, so they have set prices. But that's a guess. And looking at this I realize I forgot one more picture, which I photoshopped together from a bunch of pictures. I'll add that. But no prices.
    Here's the link for Alex's Fruits and Nuts if you want to contact one of the vendors.
    Also, the organic greenbeans in the new image were $3/lb.


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