Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weald Country Park, Greensted Church, The Viper

When we got here Tuesday, Doug took us for a walk at Weald Country Park.  According to the brochure (and website):
Weald Country Park has almost 222 hectares (550 acres) of mixed woodland and grassland plus two lakes and a number of ponds. The park is steeped in history and was once the site of a great hall and formal gardens; there are even remains of an Iron Age settlement. There is a network of pathways, a well established visitor centre and a deer paddock. The deer were reintroduced in 1987 as a reminder that the park was once a Royal Hunting Estate.

Then we visited Greensted Church which the blog North Stoke describes:
The nave was added in about 1060 A.D. but the timbers seem to go back to 845 A.D. and since then there have been many more additions, stretching from the Norman piscina, to a Tudor window, the church tower could probably have been built in the 17th century and then of course the Victorian restoration which includes the dormer windows and porch.

Then we stopped at a pub for a pint of ale.

I'm being hurried off to Cambridge. I'll try to get up Wednesday tonight. 

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  1. Steve, this is great! I love that you take us along wherever you go-- I can't get over that where you were even in that church that generations had been for hundreds of years before you. I wonder if those poeple wondered if that place would be standing in 2010.


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