Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back in Berlin

We had our last breakfast with our friends and then got a ride to the airport.

The train was very clean and very comfortable in 2nd Class.  They even had some sections where people could be in enclosures where kids could sit on the floor with their parents. 

There's lots of graffiti in Berlin. 

It's hard to tell if and when graffiti turns into art. 

The train is now in central Berlin, almost at the station.

We're off the train.  Here's the connection between two cars.

The Hauptbanhof (main train station).

Then our daughter (who met us at the station) wanted to show us the famous department store in Berlin. 

It had an incredible array of things including Alaska salmon.  

It's cold - 7˚C  (44˚F) was the high today and it's wet.  

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  1. Thank-you for these photos. They are lovely. Safe journeys to you.


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