Friday, May 07, 2010

Punting on the River Cam, Cambridge

The hope had been to go punting on the River Cam which runs through Cambridge, but the weather had been so cold, grey, and windy lately that we weren't sure.  But it turned into a spectacular day that was not only pleasant to walk around in  but it my camera trigger finger go crazy.  So BG, who was a Cambridge student forty years ago, took us punting. 

He managed to stay on the punt the whole way, even when the pole got stuck in the mud.  More impressive is that he got us where he wanted us - through bridges, past other punts, along the shore - without crashing into anything.  This was all done by pushing off with the pole and occasionally using it as a rudder.

He told us where we were all along, but I wasn't taking notes.

The Anchor was near where we returned the punt and seemed like a good lunch spot.

Because BG knew how to punt, we did the self-hire.  And because he was a Cambridge grad he got a discount on top of that. 

And finally we have lunch at the Anchor, the pub we had just passed.  BG did let us know that the weather we had was quite out of the ordinary and that most punting was done in a drizzle. 

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