Monday, February 11, 2008

Work - Day 1

Awake early again. 4am. Yesterday Grib and I got to the offices at 10. It really isn’t very far out - 3 or 4 kilometers at most in a pocket of less urbanity just south of Chiengmai University. The office is among a cluster of NGO offices all related to sustainable development, rights of local people, etc. I don’t recall ever being with Thai activists who were self identified that way.

Everyone was great. Patient with my slow Thai, ready to answer any and all questions and to get me settled in as easily and quickly as possible.

Here are my immediate co-workers.

And an overview of what the organization is doing. The five things the project is focused on:

Land, water, Forest land, debt, and prices of products.

Had lunch with Bing who eventually revealed that he has an extensive English vocabuluary. Then we drove around the area looking for places for rent. The only place we actually went into would have been perfect except that it would qualify as an extreme ‘fixer upper.” We went back to the office and looked on the internet. A friend of someone they knew had two places for us to look at. One is in a brandnew (no electricity yet, the pool is “½ month away from completion” - my interpretation was it won’t have water till we are back in Anchorage) hotel these people own. The rooms are ready and beautiful, but it’s kind of far away and the neighborhood isn’t very exciting. They also showed us a house they own. Again, it was very nice its way, but Joan would be pretty isolated and I’d have a long trek to work.

Some of the new vocabulary I’m working on:

Natural Resources
Organic (the Thai word is the same as the Thai word for eagle อินทรี , with an extra letter อินทรีย์ . The pronunciation is easy to remember - “In Sea”)
Land Reform


  1. Hi Steve,

    If you happen to visit more Wats, sometimes there are places where they sell car window stickers (not the bumper sticker type) with a Buddha or a monk for good luck. Would you mind getting one for me if you can? They are not expensive and I can reimburse you when you get back!


  2. I'll keep my eyes open. There's a big wat just down the road from where I'm working.


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