Friday, February 29, 2008

Taxi Drives from Discovery Side to HBO

The good news is that Discovery Channel has worked out a deal with HBO who will air, Anchorage International Film Festival (AIFF) feature documentary runner up, but Academy Award winning, Taxi to the Dark Side in September.

So my grim fear that Discovery Channel's link (through its Military Channel) to the Defense Department's America Supports You program that I discussed several days ago meant that their intent was to block it from being shown on television was wrong.

And in defense of AIFF judges, they chose a movie that had its own historical and Northern interest - The Prize of the Pole - about Robert Peary's grandson's quest to learn more about the Greenlanders that Perry took back to New York with him. Anchorage was an appropriate place for that movie to win an award as the movie examined how a Euro-American adventurer used Native peoples for his own glory with no apparent concern for the people whose lives he essentially destroyed. The legacy of similar ventures still plagues many Alaska Natives today.

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  1. Here is a quote from Wev Shea:
    "The women and men of the FBI are exceptionally dedicated professionals; they abhor corrupt professional conduct. The DOJ Public Integrity investigation and prosecution of former Sen. Ted Stevens is contrary of the core values of our FBI. This political corruption investigation and prosecution was unprofessional, unethical and unconstitutional"

    Shea is a self serving political animal, he is the fast cab to the darkest of the dark side.
    His big deal as U S Attorney for Alaska is some Hells Angle claims.
    Such rubbish, he never dealt with hard core corruption effectively, and some must wonder now in view of his inane rantings, if he is the dark angle, protector in chief of corruption in Alaksa, bowing to his godfather,
    the Ted.
    He uses intimidation, like he is some cheap thug, a disgrace to the legal profession of those who took an oath.
    Sad, he calls himself an officer of the court, but his rabid political animal nature, points him up as the biggest shark in the Bar.
    Is it any wonder, he has left a trail, as the Stevens saga is hardly one over in its longer term impacts.
    Stevens wrote Wev on the A-Frame, as if some plant, he is most that just an idle WWW weaver.
    He is in the middle of the mire now, deep in with both feet, should we thank him for the trail he left on the Dispatch.
    Meanwhile, light is to be shed on places now in the dark, as some seek the cover of darkness, to make it so no clear light is shed, for those who wonder what they do not know, but have not gone into the darkess, afraid it will shed light on forces that are evil.


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