Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feds Busy Elsewhere - CH2M Hill Played Veco in Ohio

While Alaskan's are all absorbed in our own corruption scandals, the Feds seems to be pretty busy all over the country. Here's a website covering what they call the Cleveland Ohio Water Scandal.

One of their entries mentions CH2M Hill:

Prominent Cleveland consultant Nate Gray and five others indicted in federal probe of corruption in Ohio, New Orleans and Houston

The 45-count indictment charges Gray with creating a secret machine that corrupted public officials with cash, Super Bowl tickets, massages and limousines. Also charged were former Houston building department director Monique McGilbra, prominent Cleveland lawyer Ricardo Teamor, consultant Gilbert Jackson, former Honeywell Inc. salesman Brent Jividen and Cleveland City Councilman Joseph Jones. The indictment also accuses Gray of bribing then-East Cleveland mayor Emmanuel Onunwor involving a no-bid, $3.9 million contract with Denver-based CH2M Hill, which managed the water and sewer systems in East Cleveland starting in March 2002. According to federal prosecutors, CH2M Hill provided as much as $10,000 a month in consulting fees to Cleveland engineer Ralph Tyler, who carried the money to Gray, who used it for bribes. Attorneys for CH2M Hill and Tyler say their clients did not know the money was used for bribes. Cleveland Plain Dealer_ 1/19/05 [Emphasis added]

This could be called old news, but they [the Feds] apparently are still at it. When I reported the changing of the guard at the Veco building, I gave CH2M Hill the benefit of the doubt.

With luck Anchorage is getting a new corporate player with strong ethical standards that will work generously with our community

But commenters weren't as generous. And this story about consulting contracts that were bribes, sounds terribly familiar to what happened with the Alaska Company they bought. Let's watch these guys carefully.

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