Thursday, February 07, 2008

And the Academy Award for Best Travel Agent goes to

Lynda McMahon of Navigant. Well, it's been a number of companies, reflecting the path of American businesses buying each other up over the years. It was about 1991 when someone connected me to Lynda to help plan a graduate class that studied Chinese Civil Service Reform in Anchorage, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Lynda has saved my tail and generally made my life easier ever since.

Think of it. A travel agent who is smart, cheeky, laughs at my bad jokes as if they were funny, and knows how get things done. I even got a call from an assistant to the President of Delta once to apologize for how they handled a trip. Lynda had gotten through to someone who got the complaint to the top. She also got me to Bangkok on that trip after Delta change my return from a 16 hour trip from Bangkok-Seoul-Anchorage to about a 36 hour trip through LA, Salt Lake City and an overnight somewhere at my expense.

And the last two weeks she did 50 little things to make my trip easier and faster. So, if you are looking for a fantastic travel agent, I owe her big time for all she's done over the years. Her number is 907 seven eight six three two two six. (If you call her, congratulate her on the Oscar and tell her Steve says thanks, thanks, thanks.)

And so I'm presenting the Oscar for life time achievement as a travel agent to Lynda McMahon.

And I did find the bird book, but not the extra battery. The plane leaves at 2:45am.

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