Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quick Update

Going to visit some of the villages today with Bing. Not sur what that means. I worked on my work plans yesterday - writing in details of the general plan AJWS gave me before I came. Mostly working on strategic planning and staff development. Also found a place I think we'll take. It just feels right and the location is good and the price is reasonable by ex-pat standards and amazing by US standards if expensive to my co-workers.

I misplaced my card reader so I can't post any picture until I find it or get a new one. Had lunch at Wat Rampoeng yesterday. Turn out to not be 'down the street" from work, but next door. Very peaceful place. And they apparently have a fair number of foreigners meditating there.

Note: The blog is on Anchorage time. In Chiang Mai it is Feb. 14, 8:10am. Happy Valentines Day. Joan will be here Tuesday if all goes right.

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