Saturday, February 02, 2008

Eating Indian and Bosnian in LA

I've meshed two pictures of my mom at Pradeep's Indian restaurant in a two story strip mall on Washington near Marina Del Rey. It was nice to sit out in the sun, though even with the glass shield, the breeze was a little chilly by the end of lunch. That was Wednesday.

Friday, on the way to the airport, we went to a Bosnian restaurant in another strip mall, this time on Overland near Pico. I'd found it on a blog that highlights good, interesting, little restaurants in LA.

I don't recall ever eating at a Bosnian restaurant call Aroma and it wasn't until last night at SeaTac with eating with my daughter and telling her about the Bosnian immigrant picture I'd posted that I began to wonder whether my brain had perked up at "Bosnian" because of the picture and description I'd read and posted. Any way, it was very good. And we were snuggled into a little corner with nice warming sun as a group of men nearby had a very animated conversation in what I assumed was one of Bosnia's languages. I had the Burek, sort of like a calzone made of phylo dough. Mine had spinach inside. I took one to go for my daughter.

And this doesn't really fit anywhere better than it does here. But at the 99¢ Store, they've kept all the prices at 99¢. But now instead of a dozen eggs for 99¢, you get half a dozen according to my mom.


  1. Your mom looks lovely! Glad you're having such a good time.

    Minus 14F here at our place.....

  2. Ahh, California strip malls. Takes me back to the not-so-good old days. I lived in Anaheim until the day I turned 18. Got the hell out ASAP. LA is a great place to visit. Makes you appreciate our great state of Alaska. Even at 14 below. Dennis

  3. Thanks for the feedback and comments on my blog. Ahha - food in LA.....

    LA is home for me - I live only five minutes drive from the Aroma Cafe and even Pradeep's is not too far away. But actually haven't tried any of those places yet - now I will though.

    LA has a lot of great restaurants for a great price. Gaby's in Marina Del Rey (Lebanese) and in West LA, Little Hong Kong Cafe on Sawtelle (Little Osaka area), Vegan Joint on Palms/National, Fresh In The Box in Marina Del Rey (home of the brown rice Sushi), Samosa House (Indian food) in Culver City are some of places where you can get great food at extremely reasonable prices for LA.


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