Friday, February 15, 2008

Guest Post by Catherine Senungetuk

Since Guest Posts are hot these days and I'm already hot because I'm in Thailand, which is why I can't post about Anchorage, I thought I'd put up a guest post taken from an email from my friend Catherine Senungetuk.

February 14, 2007

This morning I'm meeting with Deborah Schildt about the possibility of collaboration... she's a filmmaker (maybe you saw her film about roasting little ground animals in Mongolia a year ago "How to Roast a Boo-Dog" I think it was called) we were both so inspired after seeing that performance [Bridgman and Packer] - she was at the same one and that's where we hatched this idea... I was so moved because I wanted to do something for my show in Cordova that was more multi-dimensional than a painting on the wall....

Joe has been attending the AK Forum on the Environment Conference, today he'll participate in an elders circle. I'll be seeing my acupuncturist and then checking out the new chocolate store in town that a friend has recommended.

Joe and I went to the opera Sunday - our neighbor's brother directed it and they had some comp tickets. Oh my goodness, I might be an opera fan now. It was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. I'm still awestruck. I didn't know the human voice could do those things. The set was also quite well-designed.

There are Short-Eared Owls out by the airport - we saw one on Sunday before we went to the opera. It's fun to see such a large bird, and they're fairly uncommon to have around in the winter.


  1. Today I did some trade on my Yahoo NHl team and I signed Ty Conkin and i realised he was born in your town.

  2. Lots of kids grow up playing hockey here (Anchorage) starting at a young age.


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