Sunday, January 14, 2007


Where do these folks find all these words? Surge? The same letters also spell 'urges'. It rhymes with dirge and purge. Of course we know they didn't want to talk about an escalation which would remind older folks of Vietnam. But surge?

The first definition in the online Merriam-Webster dictionary is:

1: to rise and fall actively : TOSS (a ship surging in heavy seas)

So is this going to be the rise before the fall? The heavy seas doesn't bode well.

The fourth definition is the closest to what I guess Bush means.
4 : to rise suddenly to an excessive or abnormal value (the stock market surgeed to a record high)

Excessive or abnormal? Excessive doesn't bode well either. Abnormal, I guess that might fit.

Let's see, my blog had a surge of visitors last week, but the surge subsided this week. I did get what appears to be a hit from 'The Bestest Blog of All-Time" randomblog link.

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