Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And the baby is now here

The shower has now resulted in its natural consequence. Saturday, after the ethics forum, I went over to Alaska Regional Hospital to welcome to the world young "I". Regional is like a ghost town. Almost no one around. But I found the mother-baby wing and the birthing room, Mom, Dad, and son. And my wife had gotten there before me.

One room for the mom, an extra bed for the dad, plenty of room for them to spend the time together with the baby. We didn't have that opportunity way back when. I had to leave Joan alone at the hospital. And the baby didn't stay with her all night. The nurse came in for something, the baby was feeding, so she just said, "No problem, I'll be back later." They could have used a small fridge. And the cafeteria wasn't open on the weekend, just a Subway.

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