Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ears still work

My daughter's been pestering me for several years not to get my hearing tested. It does seem that I miss words here and there, especially in a noisy restaurant, but what I hear is often far more interesting than what the people are actually saying. But when my doctor said there was no wax blocking my right ear, I went to Costco for a hearing test. My wife, an audiologist in a former life. came along too. Joe Riggs at Costco took all the time I needed to find out who he was and his credentials - worked his way up from making hearng aids, knows a lot on the technical side - and was comfortable answering my questins. The audiogram showed a slight loss, but still within normal hearing range. No aids recommended. Dropoff was well above normal voice range.

And we learned that hearing aid vendors cannot charge for hearing tests in Alaska. But Costco needs to figure a better way to work with the hearing folks. Some guy knocked on the door in the middle of the testing to get an answer for a customer who I guess was in the checkout line. Normally they have two poeple there and they didn't want this other customer to wait too long. But you really shouldn't be interrupting a hearing test.

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