Saturday, January 20, 2007

Out North Independent Exposure

Since the fundraiser for Elvi was right near Out North, and it was almost 7 pm as we were leaving, we drove over, got our tickets and went in. Mike, the Director of Out North, told us they'd start when we were ready. It turned out we were the only two folks there for a Thursday night with fresh snow. We offered to take a snow check and let the projectionist and usher go home, but the usher was a volunteer and wanted to see them too, so we sat down and watched.

I wasn't all that impressed with this set of short films. There was interesting filming technique, but they seemed like assignments to show mastery of some technical skill and none really impressed me as a total film. There were a few that seemed better than others - Between You and Me - was technically neat and the story of a man interrupting a street assault and then finding the victim's digital camera on the street afterward was nice. But I think his using the pictures in the camera to track down the owner appealed the digital convert in me. Mostly it seemed pretty student film - not great student film, just better than average student films. We also need better quality projection equipment there.

But overall, just seeing the different ways people used their cameras was fun and, while the image with this post may not show it, got me thinking about things I could do. And wondering how they did the things they did in their films.

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