Sunday, January 07, 2007

Corina and Toby's Baby Shower

So I went to my first baby shower Saturday. (Men were specifically invited.) Kathryn, the soon to be father's sister, formally known as Katy, organized much of it, including a soup she called borscht, but which had so little beet in it, that it wouldn't have qualified as borscht in my family, but also meant I could try it. It was good. And four loaves of no-knead bread.

As they opened the gifts, all sorts of thoughts went through my mind.
-Just the cute bag that gift was in cost more than most Indians make in a day.
-What if they made those clothes for adults? Particularly men. It would be interesting.
-That kid has more clothes than we had for a month in India.
-This isn't as bad as I expected
-This baby is going to have great parents

Just as we were all sitting eating, the snow plows pulled into the cul-de-sac with all these cars parked against the snow berms. Toby ran out with two plates of cake for the drivers, but they'd just eaten. But they said they'd come back in if people would move their cars for five minutes. So their street got plowed.

I think it's great to have a prebaby party and getting presents for their new baby. Everyone was friendly and there were lots of laughts. There were no embarrassing games. In the context of modern day Anchorage, it was probably a fairly understated event. But having recently been in India, and living in a state where many rural Alaskan villages don't have running water and sewer systems, this kid got a lot more than he will need. And Toby and Corina are, I'm sure acutely aware of how 'rich' they are. Corina grew up in Moldova and they help people there all the time. So, I'm not being critical here, I'm just musing.

[These pictures were taken earlier. I forgot my camera at the shower. I trust you can figure out who is who.]

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