Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dianne And The Cookie Dough Prophy Paste

This is Dianne's normal view of me. Just a mouth. I see her two or three times a year when she cleans my teeth. She chides me for not flossing more, she tells me about her family, she makes gently snide comments that always carry a smile. Today she started off by telling me the previous two patients had cancelled and so I was gonna get the lectures she had left over from them as well as my own. And, of course there is little I can say back, and even when I can, I have to be careful since she's holding sharp instruments in my mouth. But the final reward for an hour of guff and poking is Cookie Dough Prophy Paste - the stuff they polish your teeth with at the end. It tastes so good, I don't even rinse it out. Dessert at the dentists.

Having my little Canon with me, means I can take pictures of the people who, over the years, play a small, but important part in my life. Knowing that Dianne is the one who will clean my teeth, makes going to the dentist something to look forward to. Thanks Dianne.

And, coincidentally, we had dinner last night with another Dianne, but I couldn't find my camera, so that will come another day.


  1. Thought I would post a comment to you that people are reading your blogs. I google alert "prophy paste" because I am in the dental industry, and your blog was e-mailed to me by Google.
    Keep going to Dianne, listen to her, floss and brush your teeth. Cut back on sodas and sweets while your at it;). Your teeth are a link to your overall health. Thanks for sharing your life events. :) - A Pennsylvania reader (GO EAGLES!!)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Anon. No need to worry - Dianne has whipped me into shape. Use my electric tooth brush and floss religiously, because Dianne will know if I don't and give me a bad time. And she has all the tools to make me suffer if I don't. And, cookie dough prophy paste rules!


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