Friday, February 22, 2008

Wat Suandok - Chiang Mai

Yesterday we walked into the old town of Chiang Mai. On the way we stopped at one of Chiang Mai's many temples. This one has done will by catering to tourists with a yen for a little more serious encounter with Buddhism. They have daily Monk Chats in English and meditation retreats. And they have foot and body massages for

Erick, this pictures for you. I got you the dark green one on the right. It's the Buddha in the picture above, if I understood right.

And when we were back on our way, we ran into this monk from Cambodia who's going to University at the Wat. He spoke really good English and we chatted for 15 or 20 minutes. It reminds me of what I've known, but it's so easy to forget. Monks are just young (and older) men who had their heads shaved and traded jeans for orange robes. Of course, they also have some reason for wanting to become a monk. It was really bright out and so I couldn't see my camera screen too well so I didn't realize his eyes were facing left.

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