Friday, February 22, 2008

Thais use the same word for work and party

Friday, February 22, 5:13pm
I've known the word
งาน since I first studied Thai. It means work. But it also shows up in words like งานวัด which is a wat festival. But it wasn't until today when I was preparing a Keynote (Mac's version of Powerpoint) presentation for next week in both Thai and English and had to look up the word 'network' which can be translated as ข่ายงาน. (The second syllable is งาน) (which is making my life MUCH easier) then takes the two parts of that word and translates each.

งาน pronounced ngaan means:
  1. work ; job ; task
  2. party ; celebration
I'd never made that connection. No wonder Thais enjoy life so much.

And while I'm speaking of Thai, I mistranslated the word on the sign I saw the other day. I'll make a correction in the post itself too. I said it meant 'safe from poison" and it may mean that , but it isn't exactly the same as organic. It means that no pesticides were used, but they probably used chemical fertilizers. Chiengmai University's agricultural department will have a market Saturday selling pesticide free food.

And making the Thai words larger seems to have messed up the size of the English words, but I don't have time to make it perfect, sorry.

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