Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some Thai Headlines

Saturday's paper was with this morning's (Sunday) breakfast. Here are a few of the stories from The Nation.[Link is apparently to the current edition. As part of my internet addiction withdrawal program, I'm not going to pursue how to get the Saturday edition.]

Noppadon: Thaksin to come back before May

The foreign ministers says that overthrown prime minister is due back soon now that his party has won the recent election.

Thaksin's wife Khunying (like Mrs. not her name) Pojaman had said earlier that her hsuband would return in May to defend himself aginst charges of abuse of power...

Street racers complete 'shock therapy'

After five days of 'shock therapy' at the Baan Metta Remand Home, 74 teenage boys arrested for street racing [motorcycles on a main street in Bangkok] were yesterday relaeased into the embrace of their waiting parents.

"I'm very glad that I'm going back home with ou, Mum. I will obey what you tell me," one 17 year old boy...told his mother ....

Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection director-general...said shock therapy was aimed at improving youth's behaviour in the short time. The authorities instructed them in many activities to improve their discipline, life skills and moral ethics, including painting, listening to sermons by monks, studying laws and practising military drills.

"On the fifth day of the program, they looked completely different fromt he first day, when ti was obvious that they were serious and distraught. Now they look cheerful..."

Producers Irked over price cuts

[The government has identified 30 items to have price cuts]

Aids activists fear about-face by Chaiya
Paisan and others met with Chaiya [new health minister] to ask him not to revoke compulsory licensing on Aids medicine. During the meeting Paisan mentioned that he might need to take weedkiller if he lost access to the medicine. "Then Chaiya said he would send jan flowers," Paisan said.
Thais lay jan in crematoriums as they bid their last farewells to the dead.
This was on the first page of the paper.

Shooting Death - Police tale fabricated: Pornthip This is about a 'top forensic doctor' (she has hip spiked hair in the picture) saying the police had to be lying about how a Canadian tourist was killed.

Valentine Kits
Members of the World Bank Youth Club hand out roses and condoms in Bangkok's Siam Square yesterday in a campaign ahead of Valentine's Day to urge young Thais to refrain from unsafe sex.

"Teachers needed, not computers."

Corruption Scandal: Saprang blames his 'crooked' friends

Enough, I've got things to do.

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  1. We have much in common with them-- corruption, youth being dorks, needing teachers not computers. You can't get away from it!


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