Saturday, February 16, 2008


There's lots to post about, I'll start slow. This was a typical breakfast at the Pooh Guest House for me. Rice soup with fruit and vegies. You could order eggs or whatever. Comes with the tab of about $30 per night. I think this was Thursday morning.
Friday lunch I was taken to a vegetarian center. If you only have one item with your rice the price is 0 Baht. I had several different dishes so it came to 25 Baht. The official exchange rate is about 32 Baht to the dollar.

This was Friday's breakfast which was sticky rice and four other dishes of greens and fish.
. Doc and I spent the night at this home in the village about an hour out of Chiang Mai. Below is the video of part of the breakfast talk. My understanding is that it is Northern Thai dialect, which is pretty close to Central Thai just pronouncing the words a little differently and some different words altogether.

[February 18: I was going to give a brief synopsis of the conversation at breakfast, but decided that given the Northern dialect and the rustiness of my Thai, that I better not. Good thing. I did get bits and pieces, but I put them together wrong. The guy was complaining about how the factories are not hiring workers over fifty now.]


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