Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging Notes - What I learn from Sitemeter Data

A few observations about visitors to the site from Sitemeter.

  • All hits from Thailand list Bangkok as the location. I know that people from Chiang Mai have been here, so I suspect everything gets routed through Bangkok.
  • "Victor Lebow" and "famous people born 1908" (and variations thereof) continue to be Google search words that bring in a fair percentage of hits.
  • Someone at Naussau Insurance Company got here googling "how often do pirates take over cruise ships" Hmmm, was that just idle curiousity or is something happening?
  • "Taxi to the Dark Side" got a bump from winning the Oscar for best documentary
  • "Maytag A207" gets a couple of hits a week, suggesting there are others trying to keep their old washing machines alive
[Later, and this one hurts: From Istanbul, Turkey "writing rejection letter to a person in need of charity"]

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