Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Anchorage's First Thai Restaurant, Thai Kitchen, Closing After 33 Years

On December 23, 2017, the Thai Kitchen will close its doors for the last time.  But don't worry.  In January, they will open new doors a few spaces to the east in the same Tudor Avenue mall, right next to the Frozen Yogurt shop that their family also runs.  They're hoping to open early January, but new construction being what it is, they know it might take longer.

So if you want to eat at the old store before it closes, you have about ten days left.  When we first went in, the 'restaurant' was four tables and a kitchen stove in the back of the Express Market.  Over the years they added tables and the market got smaller until it was all restaurant and no market.  They also got a more serious stove and a commercial hood for the stove.

It's been a family operation from the beginning with the four boys helping out their mom, Sommai, their dad, Ben, and their aunt Orathai.  Here's a picture after a great dinner at the Thai Kitchen with an old Peace Corps Thailand friend when she and her family visited Anchorage back in 2008.

Here's the Yogurt Works - the new Thai Kitchen will be next door, and connected.

Here's a guy we met at the Thai Kitchen who'd biked to Anchorage from Argentina.  This was 2013.

A picture from the parking lot after a dinner at the Thai Kitchen.  This view is always changing with the light and clouds and is always a reminder of why we live in Anchorage.

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