Wednesday, December 06, 2017

AIFF 2017: Wednesday Decisions Are Easy

The only decisions you have to make are whether to go or not go. And everything is at the Bear Tooth.  Very easy. Tuesday I had to decide between "Saving The Animals" and a workshop with Dan Mirvish.

The after school is a showing of student made films.  When I've had the chance to see these in the past, they were always worthwhile. There are some free tickets to be had at Bosco's, other wise they're  only $5.  Free with a festival pass.

Grand Unified Theory, based on the trailer, is a complicated family dynamics film.  Click on the colored bars below to get more information.

Wednesday, December 6




The trailer for Proper Binge convinced me this is not my type of movie.  It starts with a woman  Way to much fighting and anger.  But I think it's an Alaska feature, so it's getting a choice spot in the festival program.  Makes me think about how much I miss the days when the Mexican Consulate sponsored several Mexican films at the festival.

Looks like you have to go to Youtube to see it.  Be ready for non stop expletives, fights, drunken staggering, various displays of anger and frustration, and blood.

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