Monday, December 04, 2017

AIFF 2017: Shawn Convey Talks About His Film "Among Wolves"

I had a Skype conversation (audio only) Friday about the making of the film Among Wolves.  

This is a film about Bosnian war vets who have made one of their projects to protect a herd of wild horses.  I only saw the trailer and read the synopsis, but my main questions was how did an American film maker come to make a documentary in Bosnian  (Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian are all "mutually intelligible standard varieties" according to Wikipedia.)  He said he lived in Mostar for four years and I think he spent more time in Bosnia altogether. Long enough to get the trust of this group.  So those were the kinds of questions I asked.  Here's about five minutes of our conversation.  Basically it covers how he found this subject and made the film.

The film shows Monday, December 4 at the Bear Tooth at 8pm.  Shawn is scheduled to be at the Monday night showing.

Just to help out, here's a map of most of the former Yugoslavia.  This film takes place in Bosnia and Shawn lived in Mostar for 4 years.

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