Sunday, December 10, 2017

AIFF 2017: The Awards Ceremony - UPDATE: All Winners Announced (Unless They Surprise Me)

This post will be updated as winners are announced.  There may also be some other intermittent posts of people at the ceremony before the awards are announced.  As you can see, I've tried to be prepared this year and will fill these in as they are announced.  I'm not sure what order they will be in, but I suspect I have them backwards.

Animation and Made in Alaska were after Screenwriting.  Scroll down to find them.

6:45pm  They are starting with the screenwriting contest.  I've already posted about the winner Jason Mott.

Winner and three finalists  - First three are finalists.
Chad Hutson
Holly Holstein
Jason Wright
Winner:  Jason Mott

Scroll down for the animation and Made in Alaska Awards that have been announced.

GCI is announcing awards for Native content.  Next is Super Shorts.

Audience Choice Awards:  
Documentary:  Saving Brinton
Feature: What If It Works

  • American Folk * USA  
  • Drawer Boy * Canada / Mexico 
  • Painless USA * 
  • Pale Blue Dot India* 
  • What If It Works

Winner:  The Drawer Boy
2nd Place:  What If It Works
3rd Place:  American Folk

Documentary Shorts

  • Family Rewritten
  • Ghosts of The Arctic
  • He Who Dances on Wood
  • Old Harbor, New Hope
  • Perception: From Prison to Purpose
  • Ten Meter Tower
  • The Collection
  • Wildland
Winner:  Ten Meter Tower - 
2nd Place:  He Who Dances On Wood - Jessica Besher  AND  Unwelcome - Ida Theresa Myklebost
3rd Place:  $30 to Antarctica - Joey Chu

Feature-Length Documentaries 
  • AlphaGo USA
  • Among Wolves USA
  • The Last Animals USA
  • Over the River Italy
  • Saving Brinton  USA
Winner:  The Last Animals
2nd Place:  AlphaGo 
3rd Place:  Tie:  Among Wolves/ Saving Brinton

  • Game (USA) (15m)
  • Whoever Was Using This Bed (USA) 20m
  • Iron (USA) (17m)
  • Must Kill Karl (Canada) (12m)
  • The Robbery
  • Temporary (USA) (12m)

Winner:  Game - Jeannie Donahoe
2nd Place:  Whoever Was Using This Bed
3rd Place:  Temporary - Milena Govich

Super Shorts
  • 8 AM
  • Brain Storm
  • Couples Night
  • Cold Storage
Winner:  The Robbery - Jim Cummings
2nd Place:  Brain Storm - Christophe Clin
3rd Place:  Cold Storage - Thomas Freundlich

  • Afterwork
  • Bakiro
  • Cagare
  • Genesis
  • Happy End
  • Light Sight
  • Navajo Tales
  • RIPrivacy
  • South Forest
  • The Realm of Deepest Knowing
  • Twice Upon a Time
  • Undiscovered
Winner:  Bakiro
Runner Up: Happy End
Honorable Mention:  Navajo Tales


  • Conspiracy Pie
  • Dead Run
  • Keep Talking
  • Proper Binge
  • Shaawatke’e’s Birth
Winner:   Keep Talking
2nd Place:  Conspiracy Pie
3rd Place:  Dead Run - Shane Taylor

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