Saturday, December 02, 2017

AIFF 2017: Opening Night Shorts

There was a full house Friday night for the Opening Night Shorts program.  We had to find seats in the balcony.

My internet has been down, so this is a catch up post from Saturday night before Broken Ghost.

Below are  directors Semara Lerman (Iron) and Jeannie Donahoe (l) (Game) talking about their films.  I've got some video, and I'll get that up when I can.

My favorite short Friday night was Game.  Everything was right.  Donahoe got a funding from Lexus Films (yes, their part of that Lexus and Toyota).  I got to see the film ahead of time online and that copy also had Weinstein Company in the credits.  But in last nights copy it was gone.  I talked to Jeannie afterward.  She said Weinstein is coming off all the films and they really hadn't had any connection with them at all.

Cold Storage was also lots of fun, though I would have ended it after the post cards.  I'd note that the filmmaker is part of a film dance group, which helps explain it a little.

OK, the video is ready:

I need to get off now.  I'll put up more later.

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