Tuesday, December 05, 2017

AIFF 2017: My Guide To Tuesday Dec. 5, 2017

Tuesday Dec 5, 2017 -

More choices makes this another difficult day.  

Short Docs 3 has three film in competition - Ghost of the Arctic, Ten Meter Tower, and The Collection.   But that's just the programmers' choices and there were films not 'in competition' that I liked better than some 'in competition.' 

I've got more on these (and the other short docs in competition here.  Including my personal problem with Ghosts of the Arctic.   

Ten Meter Tower is wonderful.  Despite people's diverse tastes,  I would guess that 90% of viewers will like it.

Click on the purple/pink  Life Hack link below and you'll know as much as I know about it.

The Last Animals is doc in competition From what I can tell is a very well funded and marketed film that strongly advocates for saving endangered species.  You can see more about it and the trailer at this post on the docs in competition.

But it's playing at the same time as a workshop by Dan Mirvish.  I've never met him face to face, but I did a Skype interview with him in 2012 when his film Between Us played at AIFF.  It's a loooong video (for me) but if you watch some of it you can get a sense of whether you want to go to the workshop.  I'd recommend the workshop simply because you get to see an accomplished film maker live talking about what he does.  

For me, there's no hard decision at 8pm - AlphaGo, another documentary in competition.
But others might not agree.  

The colored bars are linked so you can see the details - location and short descriptions.  Or go directly to the AIFF Sched for Tuesday,

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